An Exciting Season for FAB

Flesh and Blood

It’s an exciting season for Flesh & Blood players! 

ProQuest Season 2 is upon us. Many stores around the US have been selected to host this exclusive event, including Keystone Cards & Games in Sayre, PA. It certainly is a big deal for us, not only because of all the prizes we can give away to award our dedicated players, but also because of how far we’ve come since opening last summer! Being able to see a community of players grow, have fun, and compete is exciting! It is also because of these players that we have been recognized by Legend Story Studios to host an event like ProQuest! For that, we are extremely grateful. 

The format for ProQuest Season 2 is Classic Constructed. You can find more detailed information on the Flesh & Blood website about this format at Essentially, Classic Constructed is a beefier version of Blitz, which is the format that newer players were first introduced to with the Ira Welcome Decks. In Classic Constructed, you play with a preformed deck which includes one hero card plus a maximum of 80 cards, counting your weapons and equipment. No more than 3 copies of each card are allowed. Rounds are 50 minutes long. You compete only once against your opponent in each round, which means one chance to secure the win, as you battle it out hero versus hero. During ProQuest, we will be cutting to the top 8, due to the amazing prize support. 

Speaking of prize support, Flesh & Blood continues to astound us! During the ProQuest event, prize support was provided to start at the top 8, all of which will receive an exclusive box of Dragon Shield Fyendal’s Spring Tunic Limited Edition Sleeves! However, first place is where it’s really at! The 1st place prize includes a random, waiting to be revealed, Gold Cold Foil plus a ProTour invitation to play in Lille, France! The competition is certainly on for this opportunity to play among the world’s best!

You can see how this is such an exciting event for us! We hope you all can make it and can’t wait to see how it all plays out…pun intended. The cost is $30 to play which also goes towards more prize support. 

What’s more? This event also comes just one day after the newest product from Flesh & Blood releases, Classic Battles: Rhinar VS Dorinthea! This is a box containing two 40-card pre-constructed decks, which you can just open up and play right away! 

With Uprising Prerelease right around the corner, and a new set of Armory Kits, you can clearly see why this is such an exciting season to play Flesh & Blood!

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