We host sanctioned Magic the Gathering, Flesh & Blood, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, and now One Piece!!! 

We also have a D&D Adventure League!


Weekly Events:

Our weekly events take place, unless otherwise stated! 


1pm MTG Commander


Commander Format.

90 minute rounds.

Bring your best commander deck to challenge others in winner takes all battle! The prize is your chosen title displayed on the Commander Championship belt for the week and bragging rights!



6pm Tabletop Game Night


Every Wednesday night from 6-8pm!

Bring a game, or play a new one in store. 

We have X-wing players, board gamers, and D&D all happening at the same time! 

There is even some talk of Warhammer 40K getting started!!! 

The possibilities are endless. Don’t like chaos? Coordinate a game with friends, or call ahead to see what’s going on in advance. 

This is a family-friendly event. 



3-6pm Club Poké - Party!


Join other Pokémon enthusiasts, collectors, and players every Thursday from 3-6pm! Trade, collect, or play Pokémon TCG! 

Join the community!

6:30pm MTG Modern

$5 to play goes towards prize support.

Every Thursday night!

Modern format.

We use Wizards Event link & the companion app to run magic the gathering tournaments in store.



6:30pm MTG Standard

$2 to play goes towards prize support. ($5 ups the prize pool on the LAST Friday of the month. FREE prize support on Magic Release Fridays!)

Every Friday night, unless otherwise stated!

Standard format. 

We use Wizards Event link & the companion app to run magic the gathering tournaments in store. 




Every Other Saturday, we host:

Flesh and Blood Armories



MTG Pioneer Format

D&D 5E Adventure League One-Shots