Get Ready For Innistrad: Double Feature By Brandon Oakley

Are you ready for Innistrad Double Feature? 

What is Double Feature? 

Double Feature is a draft-orientated set that combines both Innistrad Midnight Hunt and Innistrad Crimson Vow in the same pack. The mix is down the middle as each pack contains: 

  • 2x Rare (1 from each set)  
  • 4x Uncommon (2 from each set)  
  • 8x Common (4 from each set) 
  • 1x Silver Screen foil (Similar to the showcase eternal night cards using the black-and-white artwork with a glossy foil varnish) 

Although the art on the cards will remain the same, each card is transformed to a greyscale (black-and-white) to provide the old school black-and-white horror movie theme.  


Why should YOU be excited? 

Yes, the Innistrad Double Feature costs more than your regular draft. Despite looking at the price as a setback or a reason not to participate, think about, why are they charging more? For starters, instead of getting one rare in each pack, YOU GET TWO. That means even if you atrociously bomb the draft event, you are guaranteed to walk away with at least SIX of these premium Rares to put in the ol’ trade binder. Also, how often do you get to collect an entire set, or two sets for that matter, in black and white? With the theme of the cards being as such, the glossy colors along the borders extravagantly pop with that bright, eccentric, eye-catching tone that we loved about the new eternal night lands.  


Why should YOU attend the Double Feature Event? 

As this release is happening smack dab in the middle of Crimson Vow and the upcoming Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, players and collectors have been aching for that new set to dive back into, and this one will DELIVER. Being able to converge both Innistrad sets together, fulfilling that Werewolf craving...that Vampire thirst...that Zombie appetite, orchestrating all the combos and synergies together as the dream team of Wizards of the Coast  had envisioned, so dynamic...that even Jordan and Bird would concede! 

With the hype and anticipation of a set being released for the sole purposes of Draft, expect each and every L.G.S. (local game store) to be just as filled, if not more, than what you’re used to for the Pre-release celebrations. As always, a stocked store means a stocked prize pool and you’re not going to want to miss this.  

Last, but certainly not least...I’m laying it out there that I went undefeated at the last two sealed events for the Crimson Vow Pre-release, and I don’t plan on breaking that streak anytime soon. So, YOU should attend if you want an opportunity to take down the current champ…if you think you're up for the challenge that is...? 


Thanks for Reading, 

Brandon Oakley 

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