Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

Ice, Ice, Baby!!!

Ice, Ice, Baby!!!!

Flesh & Blood Armory events are right where it’s at! 

This up and coming card game has the fastest growing community in our store! Experienced card players and new players, alike, have found enjoyment in this hero versus hero battle that relies on strategy and resources. Each opponent has their own challenges that must be overcome turn by turn, like pieces on a chess board, while each hero has their own specialties and skills to give them an edge! The one who plays their hand right, drawing the combination of cards that build the winning combo, becomes the victor. What’s better, is that the company who created Flesh & Blood, Legend Story Studios, really takes care of their players, and we’ve had the pride of seeing this first hand!

Every month, Flesh and Blood releases new Armory Kits to qualified local game stores that supports game play by providing special promo cards you can only find in the kits, as well as the most beautiful collection of play mat’s I’ve ever seen! The top players not only earn prize support, but they get to choose from alternate art rainbow foil cards only found at armory events. The top player every week get’s the cold-foil hero! Then, at the end of the month, the two players who show the most community support earn the play mats! Everyone has a chance!

This Saturday, March 5, 2022, we open up the next kit, featuring the newest wizard in the game, Iyslander, with her elemental ice powers that allow her to set the pace of the game, slowing down those tornado-force ninjas, and heavy-hitting brutes on their turns! With this kit, the top players in the tournament earn their color choice of extended art Macho Grande rainbow foils, while first place earns the stunning Iyslander cold foil. Then, on April 2nd, during our last event with this kit, we will be giving away the beautiful Iyslander playmats! So, bring your friends to play, show your support on social media by commenting, liking, and sharing our posts, so we can continue to grow the FAB community, and you will be in the running! 

Stop on by the store or reach out to our team on social media at any time for more information or to learn how to play! We are passionate about sharing these types of table-top games with others, and getting people together to play.  

Lastly, with a little inspiration from another ice wizard I know, let that small stuff go…live your best, pursue your goals, and shine a little light along the way! 

Let it go, Let it go!!!

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