Shine Bright at KCG with Brilliant Stars!

Brilliant Stars Pokemon

The latest Pokémon releases TODAY! 

This is the 9th Sword & Shield era expansion featuring a new mechanic called VSTAR. The cards are sourced by the Japanese Star Birth expansion released January 14, 2022. 

There are 170 new cards featured in this set. The main supporter is Alpha Pokémon Arceus. Other cards include alternate art Pokémon depicted charmingly with their trainers, as well as a Charizard VSTAR secret rainbow foil. You will find several different printings for the leading Pokémon in this set. 

The new VSTAR feature is similar to the VMAX mechanic. There are only four VSTAR Pokémon in the set, Charizard, Arceus, Shaymin, and Whimsicott, and they evolve from their respective V Pokémon. Each VSTAR Pokémon also has two different prints, regular and rainbow rare. Once you defeat an opposing Pokémon using the VSTAR ability, you get to collect 2 prize cards! Even though it is 1 prize card less than VMAX, VSTAR Pokémon make up for it with their extra abilities which could be either an attack or special ability. VSTARs can help players gain that extra advantage they need to collect all of the prizes! 

Starting today, you can find packs, booster boxes, and elite trainer boxes available at Keystone Cards & Games in Sayre, PA!

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