Who We Are at KCG

In the summer of 2021, we took over ownership from Rich, the man behind the original store which had been open for over 30 years, and the one who originally fostered the community of players here. We have our own nostalgic memories of purchasing our first cards here, thus sparking a love for collecting and playing the game. 

Though we have adapted the name of the store to take on a broader approach towards in-person gaming, the vision is and always will be on one key concept, “Encouraging players to collect, and collectors to play.”

Here at Keystone Cards, you will find an array of trading card game content such as the original staples, Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. We’ve come to include newer tcg’s such as Flesh & Blood and MetaZoo. We are still growing and learning about other content as well. We also strive to provide quirky table top games, and role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. You will find everything you need here for that immersion and fun at the table, such as dice, bags, and miniatures.

We also strive to create community through weekly events. Our space may be small, but everyone is welcome. All of the cost to play goes directly back to the players through prize support. We hope you come and visit us sometime and watch us grow the community of tcg and gaming fans. There is so much more to do!   

The Brown Family, Adam & Stacy, Shaina & Matt

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